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Abuse a Feature, Not Failure of Bigger Government

I think the most significant thing to come out of the trio (so far) of Obama administration scandals last week was how they pointed out the cognitive and practical failures of “progressive” beliefs about big government. They’re scrambling to define the abuses and failures of government agencies and individuals as aberrations of a government that oversees, well, […]

Thin Gruel for “Social” Republicans

By: Carl Graham Bozeman: Barry Goldwater, in a line that may have cost him the presidency, famously quipped that extremism in defense of liberty is no vice and moderation in pursuit of justice is no virtue. Turns out he might have been on to something there, and Montana’s latest legislative session is a great example. […]

Guest Blog: Why Earth Day is Bunk

Ok, the title is my interpretation, but Todd Myers from the Washington Policy Center lays out why it’s hypocrisy at best. There’s also a link at the bottom from Montana’s own Jim DeLong on the EPA’s regulatory overreach and the Supreme Court’s response…Carl Earth Day Exposes the Ironies of the Left’s Trendy Environmentalism On April 22, […]

Uniting Behind the Freedom Message

Those of us on the right-hand side of the political spectrum seem to be spending a lot of time arguing with ourselves before we negotiate with our adversaries. Arguing is OK, and even a good thing, if we do it in a way that moves ideas forward and identifies common paths in the right direction. […]

Legislature Watching

I’ve been a little out of sorts the past few days with whatever it is that’s making the rounds, but that’s given me a chance to sit and watch the legislature on my fancy computer gadget box in the basement. It’s like magic. The Legislative Services Division has really done a nice job of making […]