How Business Friendly Are Montana’s 25 Largest Cities? – 2012 Report

Note: Updated with official full study on November 8, 2012.

By John Hill, PhD, President, American Indicators

In order to excel in an increasingly competitive global marketplace, Montana must be as attractive as possible to businesses wishing to relocate to or expand in the state. There are numerous state level comparisons of Montana’s business friendliness to inform policymakers in Helena. The same sort of report dedicated to comparing major cities and towns in Montana simply doesn’t exist. Cities and towns are the real engines that drive the statewide economy and Montanans should consider how they compare against each other with respect to economic, social, and educational factors attractive to businesses.

The Montana Policy Institute (MPI) and American Indicators have collected data on Montana’s 25 most populous incorporated areas and ranked them based on criteria that both ensure business success and protect the entrepreneurial spirit.

The three categories ranked are:
  • Economic Vitality
  • Business Tax Burden
  • Community Allure

In summary, this report looks at a number of factors:
  • What cities have the best tax policy?
  • Which have more community allure, such as low costs of living and low crime rates?
  • What cities have experienced the most yearover-year population and job growth?
  • What type of economic vitality do cities have, including the average incomes for local residents?

These and other questions are answered in this report.

Click here for the full study (PDF – 3MB)

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