Business is the Dinner…Finally They Get It

By: Carl | October 7, 2010, 8:20 am

I can’t remember if it originally came from an Aesop fable or a Twilight Zone episode, but pretty much everyone has heard the old saw about someone being invited for dinner and finding out they were on the menu instead of the guest list. I think some in the business community are finally starting to realize that pretty much anytime they’re invited to the table by the government they’re more likely to be the entree than the honoree.

The Montana Petroleum Association seems to get it, though. They’re doing things to raise awareness of the impacts of regulation and land use restrictions on our economy and on our way of life. They’ve got an annual essay contest for high school kids and this year the question is:

How does a policy restricting and eliminating grazing, farming, oil and gas and timber harvests on federal lands impact the adjoining land owners, communities, schools, tax base and jobs?

How’s that for subtle? This isn’t big Pharma or AARP eagerly backing health care “reform” once they got their guaranteed market carve outs, or banks keeping mum on financial reform hoping not to offend their new regulatory overlords. This sounds like the voice of an industry that realizes they’re on the menu, and that they have less to lose by fighting back than by playing along to get along.

Good for the MPA. I hope they’re successful in educating both young people and old people on the threats to freedom and prosperity that the current trend towards overweening government poses. And if you have a kid in school, have them write an essay.

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