Business needs to pick a side-free enterprise or free loading

You’re going to hear a lot more from us on this topic, but it’s time for business and industry to come out and say what they think about the government’s impact on their investment, hiring, and marketing decisions; and what they think about government picking winners and losers.

The first industry that does this will be embraced with open arms by the same majority of Americans who have picked a side and sent politicians to Washington and Helena with mandates to bring this country and state back to the basics that made them both great: free people, free enterprise, and limited government.

Ford may have made the decision and is picking a side with this ad. (video frame may not display in some browsers)

The GM/Chrysler bailouts are going to cost taxpayers around $16 billion. So-called “stimulus” projects wasted billions more. “Green job” subsidies are a huge black hole of political favoritism and picking winners and losers, as we’re already seeing with the Solyndra debacle (or crime). The National Labor Relations Board wants to tell Boeing where it can and cannot build manufacturing facilities. I could go on and on.

The point is that industries and businesses that stand up and say they’ll give up special treatment in return for government stopping overregulation and picking winners and losers will find a lot of allies. And those who don’t will find their customers going elsewhere.

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