More On Medicaid Expansion

Had a good time on KMMS this morning talking about Medicaid expansion so I thought I’d jot down a few notes from the show. If you’re on MPI’s website you’re already active and aware on policy issues so I won’t belabor the point with a lot of background, but in a nutshell the Governor is […]

Rob Natelson: The Misplaced “Philosophy” of I-166

    In the 2012 elections, Montanans overwhelmingly approved I-166—a measure that has no substantive effect, but expresses the “philosophy” (the word used in I-166) that corporations have no First Amendment rights. When you read I-166 carefully, you have to wonder what the voters were thinking when they passed it. In case your own thoughts on […]

Sequester Sequester Oh My!

I could have saved a lot of time and gotten up later if I had this George Will column before my radio show this morning. It eloquently lays waste to the sequester hysteria about  people dying in the streets and life on this earth as we know it ending because the federal budget will be cut by […]

Rob Natelson: MT Supreme Court’s “History” in Campaign Finance Case Was Really Bad

The Montana Supreme Court won praise for its use of history in the corporate finance case, Western Tradition Partnership v. Attorney General, a decision subsequently reversed by the U.S. Supreme Court. But the Montana court’s “history” was weak, to say the least. One writer called it “junk history” here. Last year, I did an extensive […]

Rob Natelson: Amendments Convention

Ed. Note: We welcome MPI Senior Fellow for Constitutional Jurisprudence and retired UM Professor Rob Natelson to our blog. Rob is a national expert on constitutional issues and will periodically post insights and information on a variety of topics. You can find his full bio here. Senator Art Wittich has introduced SJ 5, by which […]

Montana’s New Transparency Site

The state has finally put a checkbook and employee salaries online. Good for them. And I mean that. It’s a great first step and Governor Bullock and his new administration deserve great credit for doing it. So now let’s make it much more useful with just a little more effort. How do we do that? […]

Montana’s Lagging Ways

11-12 Tapping Capitalism V5comp slides Take a look at the link that’s right above this post. It’s a pdf of three state comparison slides that we’ve been using to demonstrate the real problem Montana has with economic development. What it shows is that, while Montana consistently ranks middle of the road in economic and demographic […]

Baseline Budget Better Than Base-Bloated Budget

This is a good development. The “Present Law” budget that is the normal starting point for building a new biennial budget is basically the previous one plus an inflation factor plus a case load factor, plus any changes that were required during the biennium plus…, well you get the idea. The result is that it […]

The Health Care Debate Debate

I just posted a Medicaid expansion op ed that argues, pretty effectively I think, against Governor Bullock’s plans to expand Medicaid eligibility to 138% of the federal poverty level. Those things are limited to 700-800 words, though, so I couldn’t include anywhere near all of the reasons that this is a bad idea, both for […]

Now Is Not the Time for Medicaid Expansion

 Bozeman – Governor Bullock has decided to ignore the Schweitzer administration’s budget submitted last November and instead opt into Obamacare’s Medicaid eligibility expansion. This looks to be a patently bad idea; and even if it’s not there’s no reason to rush forcing Montana’s taxpayers into yet more unsustainable entitlement spending and to herd more of […]