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MPI and over 70 MT legislators sign on to CATO amicus brief opposing Obamacare mandates for SCOTUS.

MPI Policy Paper: “The Risks and Promises From National Health Care Reform: A Montana Perspective” by Arduin, Laffer & Moore Econometrics

The Lewin Group: “Analysis of the Draft of the American Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009 for Montana” “The Push for Government Run Health Care.” A collection of quotes demonstrating the true intent of politicians who say they’re not leading towards a single payer system. “Facts About the Canadian and United Kingdom Health Care systems.”

CATO Institute: “Your New Doctor” New York Times ad.

The Heritage Foundation: “How a 5.4% Surtax on High Earners Hits Taxpayers, State by State”

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The Latest Free Market Health Care Reform Resources

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6/11/12: National Center for Policy Analysis: Growth of Consumer-Directed Could Save Billions Annually

6/11/12: Cato Institute: States Should Flatly Reject PPACA Exchanges (YouTube)

5/17/12: Real Clear Markets: The Obama Health Plan Will Squeeze Middle Class

5/17/12: Investor’s Business Daily Op-Ed: First Shoe Drops: Catholic School Drops ObamaCare

4/26/12: The Washington Post: Health-care law will add $340 billion to deficit, new study finds

4/26/12: Wyoming Liberty Group: Wyoming’s Health Care Plan-B Spreads to Other States

4/26/12: Health Care Mandates vs. Pizza Toppings (YouTube)

3/14/12: The American: White Coats and Straightjackets: Why Planned Cost-Saving Measures Will Reduce Your Healthcare Options

3/14/12: ObamaCare costs DOUBLE original estimates as updated by Congressional Budget Office

3/14/12: White House Dossier: Four Million Fewer Covered at Work Under ObamaCare (You can keep your insurance, but your insurance doesn’t have to keep you)

3/5/12: Investor’s Business Daily Op-Ed: ObamaCare Is Designed to End Private Insurers.

3/5/12: Galen Institute: ObamaCare’s Supreme Mistake

3/5/12: Michael Cannon, Director of Health Policy Studies, CATO Institute: The Illiberality of ObamaCare.

2/14/12: CATO@Liberty – Michael Cannon: Will States Lose Medicaid Funds If They Fail to Create an ObamaCare ‘Exchange’?

2/14/12: MPI and over 70 MT legislators sign on to CATO amicus brief opposing Obamacare mandates.

1/10/12: Forbes Op/Ed – Sally Pipes: Doctors say ObamaCare is no remedy for U.S. health woes.

1/10/12: Investor’s Business Daily – David Hogberg : ObamaCare rule may bar HSAs, low-cost health plans

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