Founded in 2008, the mission of the Montana Policy Institute is to form, equip, and mobilize a network of citizens dedicated to securing a free and prosperous future for Montana. We believe Montana should be a place where Montanans can live, work, and prosper, and that pro-liberty policies are the best and surest route to achieving this goal.

The Montana Policy Institute envisions a Montana in which:

  • Montanans are free to forge their own destiny and are able to earn a living, raise families, and afford a home.
  • Our college graduates are qualified for work in today’s economy and can find promising jobs within the state.
  • Businesses move here and stay here because of a thriving business climate that rewards hard work and innovation.
  • Parents have choice in what schools their children can attend rather than one-size fits all solutions dictated by bureaucrats and administrators.
  • Liberty, limited government, and personal responsibility are encouraged.
  • Montana citizens work together to advance public policies that respect individual freedom and expect individual responsibility.

MPI provides leadership training, communications support, and research in order to give Montana citizens and decision-makers the tools necessary to make this vision a reality.