Montana Climate Change Data

This is a study conducted by the Science and Public Policy Institute that details Montana’s climate information over the past century or so:

MT Climate Change Data

Here are a couple of snippets:

“…even a complete cessation of all CO2 emissions in Montana will be completely subsumed by global emissions growth in just 2 weeks time! A fortiori, regulations prescribing a reduction far less than a complete cessation of Montana’s CO2 emissions would produce no detectable or scientifically meaningful impact on local, regional, or global climate.”

“Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the economic consequences of greenhouse gas emissions’ legislation…” and it goes on to list those consequences in a quantifiable, i.e. scientific way.
One of the problems we cited in our peer review of the Montana Climate Change Action Plan was that it didn’t even try to quantify the costs or the benefits of reducing greenhouse gases. All it did was assume that any decrease in gases was worth any cost of reducing them. That’s just, as Jonah Goldberg often says, silly on stilts.
The whole point of public policy is to measure costs and benefits – tangible and intangible – and to craft policies (or leave policies alone) that result in the good outweighing the bad. I would add that staying out of the way is generally a pretty good option, too, but that’s a different argument.
We’re about to get a nationally planned and coordinated climate control agenda shoved down our collective throats that’s long on rhetoric and alarmism and remarkably short on science and logic. MPI’s got a couple of products in the pipeline addressing this fast moving train, but candidly, with less than a year of operations under our belt, we don’t have nearly the resources yet to, as William F. Buckley said, stand athward history on this one. We’re going to need your help.
We’ll do our best to get real science and real data out there. You need to let your local legislators and media know that you want them to recognize there’s another side to this story and that they should make their decisions and write their stories based on the full set of facts.

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