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Carl Graham


Montana Policy Institute

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HELENA — A website that tracks budget data for Montana’s K-12 schools has now been updated with the most current information available on public spending.

Earlier this year the Montana Policy Institute launched that allows people to view public information on state employee salaries and school financial data. The website has now been updated to include 2010 school spending.

“This is a great resource for all citizens concerned with how their money is spent, and keeping the data current is crucial,” said MPI President Carl Graham. “Ultimately, we hope government will take the steps to routinely achieve this kind of transparency. Until that happens, MPI is proud to bridge the information gap to provide this data to the public.”

The updated school spending information follows a request this year by the news organization Montana Watchdog for copies of the current superintendent contracts from all the school districts in the state. Twenty percent of school districts contacted did not provide a copy of the public document.

“This clearly highlights ongoing issues with transparency in the state of Montana that need to be addressed,” Graham said. “Public information is a misnomer if the public can’t actually get their hands on the information.”

Montana Watchdog is an independently operated news organization that was started as a project of MPI.

The latest data on school spending and more information on government transparency can be viewed at For an interview with Montana Policy Institute’s Carl Graham call (406) 219-0508 or email


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