Rob Natelson: Some Humor on the Corruption of Modern Universities

A high school senior who has just gone through the college admissions process humorously reflects on her experience in this Wall Street Journal op-ed. Her column is a good P.S. to my recent posting on what’s wrong at modern universities.

Beneath the humor, the analysis by Suzy Lee Weiss of the skewed criteria many admissions officers use is dead-on right—most notably some of the “political correctness” factors that assure that left-leaning students get a better chance of admission to prestige colleges than right-leaning and moderate students receive. Not mentioned, though: The ethnic groups favored in the “diversity” game are selected to be those at the core of the national Democratic Party’s base (African-Americans, Indians, Hispanics). You won’t find Mormons on the list, for example, even though they historically have been the victims of severe discrimination. You see, they mostly vote Republican.