The President’s Healthcare Law

President Obama wanted to make sure that every individual had health insurance coverage. That is a worthy goal. But in practice, it just won’t work. It will create a multi-trillion dollar government takeover of healthcare that gives too much control to Washington, DC, and not enough to patients and their doctors.

The simple truth is that the President’s law is unaffordable and doesn’t deliver the real reform for Americans that he promised.

It’s unaffordable. According to a recent study by a Trustee on the Medicare Board, the President’s healthcare law is projected to add $530 billion to federal deficits and increase spending by more than $1.15 trillion over the next decade. A health care policy analyst at the Cato Institute calculates the deficit impact at $823 billion and spending at $2.7 trillion over the same period.

Under the law, the mandate to expand Medicaid eligibility will cost Montana taxpayer’s as much as $155 billion from 2014 to 2019.

Americans wanted real reform, but the President’s law just isn’t it. More federal spending and expensive state mandates are not the way to control healthcare costs for all Americans.

It’s irresponsible and wasteful. Rather than making common sense reforms, the President’s healthcare law takes $500 billion from Medicare’s trust fund to pay for new Washington, DC, spending and does little to combat the waste.

Real healthcare reform is efficient, effective, and patient-centered. A wasteful, Washington, DC, centered plan is simply not what Americans want or need. A Montana Chamber of Commerce survey of 600 Montana voters shows that 60% do not support the President’s law even though they overwhelmingly see rising healthcare costs as their biggest “pocketbook” concern.

It’s unaccountable. Buried inside President Obama’s 2,700-page healthcare bill was the creation of a new board – called “IPAB,” a 15-member board of unelected healthcare bureaucrats in charge of making decisions about your access to healthcare.

The President’s plan gives too much control to Washington, DC. Healthcare reform must be patient centered, giving patients and their doctors full control over their personal healthcare decisions.

It’s unconstitutional. The law forces you to buy insurance even if you don’t want it or it’s not right for you. And if you don’t, the government penalizes you by taking even more of your hard-earned money.

We can do better. Let’s bring everyone together – Democrats and Republicans – to find the best ideas that produce real results. Let’s work to replace this law with a patient-centered approach that can deliver real reform for the American people.


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