Who are we?

The Montana Policy Institute is a free market think tank focused on Montana issues and Montana solutions. We are a tax exempt 501c(3) nonprofit corporation dedicated to providing information and ideas to Montana citizens and policymakers. We seek to broaden the debate beyond looking to government for solutions to state challenges, and to make state and local government more accountable to the people they serve. MPI’s goal is to become the premier resource for free market, individual freedom educational and informational products. But more importantly, MPI’s efforts will result in concrete actions that promote the liberty, prosperity, and quality of life for all Montanans.

“The Montana Policy Institute will equip Montana citizens and decision makers to evaluate state public policy options from the perspective that policies based upon individual freedom, personal responsibility, and limited government will result in the greatest common good.”
What is our mission?

The Montana Policy Institute will equip Montana citizens and decision makers to argue for policies that are based upon a respect for individual freedom, an expectation of individual responsibility, and the notion that government should be the avenue of last rather than first resort.

How do we do it?

MPI gives people tools to argue for individual liberty, smaller government, and freedom of choice when considering state policy options.

We provide research materials and forums that reinforce the value to society of letting individuals consider their unique circumstances, and decide what is best for them.

MPI broadens policy debates beyond the belief that government intervention should be the avenue of first, rather than last resort. Our policy solutions propose that:

  • All Institutions have important roles (voluntary, business, community, family, and government)
  • All People can contribute through their backgrounds and unique circumstances and goals
  • All Disciplines may hold policy solutions (science, economics, ethics, law, history…)
  • All Times matter. Long-term consequences are as or more important than short-term impacts

MPI focuses on state issues while collaborating with like-minded state and national organizations. We seek out opportunities to reduce the intrusion of state government mandates while making state government more transparent and accountable.

Good ideas don’t become good policy without the active support of people like you! Join MPI and receive regular updates on our projects and on the state of our state government.

Because Liberty makes all the difference in the world